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Welcome to our website!

The objective of the Shelter House Foundation is to increase the segregating classes’ social and economic integration chances, to integrate already isolated layers, and to eliminate deep poverty and discrimination through developing potentially opportunity creating measures. It is a key aspect that the initial, not appropriate state of the person using the social services is changed… Nowadays the social phenomena (impoverishment, unemployment, habitability difficulties, loss of home, and the behavioral disorders resulting from alcohol- and drug abuse) re-producing homelessness have become more prevalent. Occurring as the direct cause of family conflicts, these often lead to homelessness.
The increasing number of homeless people demands efficiency from every participant working on he elimination of homelessness. This efficiency may be reached through continuously seeking new opportunities and developing already existing programs. Change and reformation are vital for ensuring “competitive” exit strategies for our clients.
If you want to do something for others, want to learn, get to know new people, make new friends, or you want to know more about our work, or just simply have too much free time…


Welcome to our website!
Who are we?

Menedékház Alapítvány (’Shelter Foundation’) carries out its activities in the capital of Hungary, Budapest’s11th districtat its headquarters in Muskétás utca 1, helping families in need and homeless people. Here we provide support for families and individuals in need, with a night shelter, with daytime warming rooms for the homeless, a sick room care, with a rehabilitation program, and with a family temporary home.

The Foundation is currently working on to promote the social integration of homeless people and homeless families.We want to develop such services and programs that provide a real answer to the day-to-day problems of disadvantaged groups, especially of young people in public care and families.

The Foundation is classified as a public benefit organization and performs a public task, the way it operates and the services provided are public.In case you would like to know more about our work or have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us, either by e-mail, telephone or in person after an appointment.


Who are we?
We believe in this!

Together, we can give everyone the chance to have a home.We are totally convinced that homelessness is preventable. Cooperation is essential for this. We do not believe that homelessness is a choice. Addiction, poverty, any mental illness or an unexpected life event are not based on personal decisions. Just think about it.

It is unacceptable for us when a child has nowhere to sleep, has nothing to eat, has no access to quality education, when they cannot play as other kids,when they are excluded from their corresponding social groups due to their families’ financial situation. We believe thatcatching up with disadvantaged young people and preventing them from dropping out of the school system is essential, it’s one way to think responsibly about the future of our society.

We also believe that a helpful attitude that seeks solutions and does not look for causes, does not dissect merit, does not focuses on weaknesses but focuses on existing and reachable resources is what leads us to a more liveable, more humane society.Most probably the wealth of each and every country is manifested in the way their poor live.

We believe in this!
Our goals!

The Foundation makes any effort to mobilize community resources to alleviate the situation of the disadvantaged. In the course of our work, we strive to establish effective partnerships both within Hungary and with other countries internationally.

We aim to offerservices and programs that provide a real answer to the everyday problems of disadvantaged groups and families. When planning, we always think of fillingin the gaps, so this sort of elimination can be the first step on the right waytowards the integration of disadvantaged groups.

Our work is characterized by impartiality, independence, and neutrality in all sense. Our assistance is provided without discrimination. When a priority has to be set, it is determined solely on the basis of needs.

Other goal of ours is that our employees be able to work in a stress-free environment. We do our best to ensure this, both financially and professionally.

In our daily work, we consider it important to give answersto each and every issue at the system level, but not dismissing the fact that we need to remain effective in a personalized way.

We encourage all professional and social initiativeswhich are in favour of the idea that all people can prevail and all people can have access to the same services.

Our goals!
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