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What is our profession?
Our organization is called Menedékház (menedékház means: shelter house) and was founded in 2005. Our foundation’s goal is helping homeless people and families in need – providing them accomodation and helping them to increase their chances for re-integration w ith the help ofsocialw ork and other services.
Menedékház Foundation was established in 2005 and it operates 5 institutes: doss-house (for those w ho live on the street), the daily shelter, a specialhomeless shelter and 2 families´ transitional homes. The first institute was opened in February 2009, named The Daily Shelter, follow ed by the specialdoss-house. Tw o institutes of families´ transitional homes were founded in 2010. The foundation also runs tw o charity shops w here donations are sold. Specialists help our clients– socialw orkers, psychologist, doctor. At the m om ent there are 35 employees in the 5 institutes and the charity shop.
What is our profession?
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